Who are we

Hi, I'm Megan, founder of Boxed Out Co.

Once I entered my teen years, I realized I didn't always feel like myself in traditional women's clothing. After coming out as queer, I began dressing more masculine and feeling like my true self. I stopped feeling comfortable in traditional women’s swimsuits when I was 16. I started shopping in the men's section for swim trunks, which were tailored for men's bodies, but I still felt more comfortable wearing them. The next challenge was finding a top to match my new swim shorts. This was nearly impossible unless I wore a solid-color top, which still usually had less coverage than I wanted. I realized I still felt uncomfortable wearing women’s swim tops so I began wearing sports bras with my swim shorts. Still, it bothered me that I couldn’t wear a matching top and bottom set like everyone else. It also bothered me that sports bras weren’t made out of material that performed well in the water and sun. I spent years thinking about how amazing it would be to see clothing stores carry options like matching swim shorts with high-coverage tops, but it never happened. With absolutely no knowledge of the fashion world, I decided to do it myself. After years of trial and error, I brought my dream to life. My goal is to create clothes for other people who feel excluded or don’t want to be put in a box. I hope the future of clothing will be less focused on gender and more focused on being inclusive to everyone.